Postcard with postage stamp

The winning design in the competition for the postcard of the 2016 Mountain Bike World Championship. Offset printing.

Ice Hockey World Championship 2015

Designs for postage stamps, occasional postmark, and first day covers for the 2015 Ice Hockey World Championship.

Postage stamp with nature motif

The postage stamp design is inspired by the seemingly mundane natural object – a pumpkin. I drew it on crumpled paper to faithfully capture its rough surface. Then, I applied a detailed cutout of the drawing in red-orange and green colors, typical for pumpkins, onto the stamp. This resulted in an abstract image at first glance, but one that still visually and emotionally references the unique surface structure of a pumpkin.

Occasional postmark for New Year's Day

The implemented design of the occasional postmark for New Year's Day 2018 – Hrad (Prague Castle). The design was also used for the upcoming years (PF 2019 and PF 2020).

The occasional Christmas postmark for Boží Dar 

The implemented design of the occasional postmark for Boží Dar. The postmark placed 3rd in the nationwide poll for The most beautiful occasional postmarks for the year 2017. 

Postage stamps for Poděbrady

Designs for postage stamps for the town of Poděbrady.