Grandmother's cookbook

A rather ordinary diary where my grandmother used to jot down recipes. However, over the years, the cookbook became quite worn out; the recipes were stained, smudged, and illegible. Therefore, I decided to breathe new life into it.

I enhanced the recipes with original illustrations in a relaxed and dynamic drawing style. My aim was to visually complement the handwritten text, preserving the authenticity and family spirit of the cookbook. Additionally, this sets the cookbook apart from other commercial cookbooks that solely use photographs. I organized the recipes into categories for easier navigation. I endeavored to maintain as much of the original handwritten text as possible. For illegible parts, I transcribed them in a neutral grotesque font to avoid visual disruption of the handwritten passages and illustrations. The cookbook also includes blank pages with artifacts from the original diary, serving to lighten up and enliven the content overall.


In the publication, I endeavored to capture the essence of the Baskerville typeface. It exudes delicacy, elegance, yet confidence. I sought to reinforce these qualities through the choice of muted shades of red color. When working with the typeface, I approached it with humility towards its purity and delicate lines. I utilized contrasts between empty and fuller spaces to allow the typeface's design to stand out. Additionally, I aimed to demonstrate that despite the typeface's creation over two hundred years ago, it remains timeless and widely used even today.

Magazine redesign

When redesigning this fashion magazine, I focused on maintaining a clean and minimalist visual style. My aim was to prioritize selected fashion photographs, which are essential for this magazine. For headlines, I chose an interesting, unconventional, and slightly provocative font, which, combined with the subtle grotesque typeface in the text section, completes the overall atmosphere of the publication.     

photo: Adam Pavlíček