Microbrewery Trumf

Previously, part of the beer gatherings included playing the card game 'Mariáš'. I wanted to revive this old tradition within the visual concept of the Trumf microbrewery. I aimed to break away from the typical geometric style of illustrations on playing cards and instead give them a new face – thus, they are filled with rounded organic shapes. 

photo: Jiří Dvořák, Kateřina Nováčková, Lucie Hyšková 


Hydroplant is a small florist specializing in growing plants using hydroponics. Simultaneously, it aims to educate ordinary hobbyists about this style of cultivation.

Since hydroponics is a more environmentally friendly way of growing, I also consider this aspect in the visual style. Therefore, I exclusively used recycled and recyclable materials. I addressed the overall corporate style within an economical, clear, and visually clean graphic design.

photo: MgA. Jiří Dvořák 

Winter harvest 

Proposal for the exhibition of students' final works at the Faculty of Art and Design, Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem. 

While designing the visual style for the Winter Harvest exhibition, I worked with the concept of fantastical fruit as a metaphor for the diversity of final works. The drawings of worms symbolize the nervousness and stress accompanying students during the examination period. 


The winning logo design for the digital platform Kultura.digital. This platform aims to connect contemporary art and culture in the German-Czech border region. 

Jiráskův Hronov

For the visual style of the Jiráskův Hronov amateur theatre festival, I aimed to create a graphically clean and minimalist approach compared to previous years. The logo is derived from a combination of the initial letters of the festival's name. The color scheme of the visual style is inspired by the emblem of the town of Hronov, where this cultural event takes place annually.